“Can you save a life for just over £2?”

Change for change are launching a new project later this year in Hyderabad, Southern India and in order to do so they will need to raise around £22,800.


In simple terms, this will establish 405 family businesses and by a process of recycling the funds will mean that there will be 1,100 family businesses within 13 months. With the average family having 9 people in this area, this means that after 13 months the lives of around 9,900 people will have been fundamentally changed (at a cost of £2.30 per person!!).


In fact the system just keeps on recycling and more and more people will have changed lives.


Some of the people helped are so desperate that whole families in their communities have committed suicide and so in supporting this project you could be, literally, saving a life!


With each t-shirt sold £2 is donated to the work of Change4Change.


If you wish to donate more please visit


100% of funds raised will go to the project as all administrative fees for the charity are paid for by the trustees.


Please give generously and really make a difference.


To find out more about Change4Change visit

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